January 2, 2011

Eye Liner & Lip Pencil

Before sharpening your eyeliner or lip pencil, place it in the freezer for around 10minutes. They will harden slightly and not break when sharpened.


Goodbye Under Eye-Bags!!!!

Mix a bit of blue eye shadow with moisturizer under your eyes.
Apply a concealer at least a half shade lighter than your natural skin tone.
Follow with foundation


Runny Mascara???

Dab your eyelashes with your choice of primer or baby powder. Apply your mascara, wait a few seconds between coats so it will have something to adhere to.


No Smudges

Swipe your choice of mineral powder just beneath your eyes with a small brush, it keeps eyeliner from smudging!!!!

A Couple of Things I picked up From Target!!!!!

Endless Eyes Pro Eyeshadow Palette – Limited Edition

Open view of the matte & shimmer colors

Foundation Brush

Total Face Brush

Blushing, Bronzing and Blending Brush

Brow Comb + Brush

Defining Eye Brush

Eye Shadow Brush

Concealer Brush

!0 Pcs Brush set

Compact w/ Mirror

Mechanical Eyelash Curler    

50% off E.L.F. Sale


January 1, 2011

Ugggh..My Camera Really Errks My Nerves Sometimes

So I just recorded a new video for my YouTube and my stupid camera doesn't want to upload it onto my computer....figures