February 28, 2011

Crackle Glaze

China Glaze has come out with a new trend of nail polish for their line called CRACKLE GLAZE!!!!! It comes in six shades; 

Lighting Bolt 81051(White)
Cracked Concrete 81052 (Grey)
Black Mesh 81053 (Black)
Crushed Candy 81054 (Blue)
Broken Harted 81055 (Pink)
Fault Line 81056 (Purple)

It is somewhat different from the O.P.I.Shatter collection because traditionally you would place the color of your choice onto your nail first...then go over it with the Shatter Polish In DEEP ASPHALT BLACK. But with this Crackle Glaze Collection You would apply a the black nail color then the color of your choice in the crackle colors!!!!

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